Antico Ferro is a creative décor choice for creating the illusion of weathered iron to any interior space. These will allow the replication of numerous naturalistic effects are available in several finishes including; the Battuto, Corten, Ossidato and Ruggine.

The Ruggine finish begins with a base to which colors are spread onto, recalling the appearance of weathered iron that has been altered by natural forces. To include an additional color alternative, Antico Ferro Ossidato generates an oxidation resulting façade. An extra benefit of using Antico Ferro for your decorative purposes is that it is it can easily be washed and resilient to scratches.

Antico Ferro is an environmentally friendly product that interior designers have come to rely on as a means of creating rare color variations of weathered iron. The smoothness of surfaces can be further developed with the addition of the Antico Ferro Corten and Battuto finishes by artistically employing strategic colors to realistically replicate the effect of seasoned iron.

The visual impact of utilizing iron for decoration

Iron is a staple metal chosen by many current interior designers which are adequately appropriate for numerous stylistic tastes. This handsome metal boasts an immense selection of visual deviations to creatively enhance various areas, providing a sense of ingenuity and distinct individuality due to the progressive developments of nature. For instance, rust, the result of corroding metal as it is exposed to the weather, is manifested with a unique method that ages a material exclusively original manner with special characteristic aesthetic attributes.

The sophistication of implementing natural color variations

Iron may be artistically utilized to provide spaces with an environmentally charged inspiration by mixing cool colors to recreate an aged appearance, which lends a sense of nostalgic charisma to modern spaces. Individual preferences can be achieved by selecting from four color shades to apply to smooth or uneven bases of the Antico Ferro to replicate a natural appearance on any particular surface choices.

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Antico Ferro

Antico Ferro

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