Ardesia is a naturalistic style décor option that imitates the surface and appearance of stone.

This novel product offers a unique wall layer finish available in numerous color variations aimed at expanding the ability to custom tailor the aesthetic qualities to an individual’s specific stylistic preferences.

An eco-friendly product consisting of a base, finish and topcoat to ensure the ability to wash and clean it easily. An additional advantage to Ardesia is that it is resistant to scratches. When using the specific tool to apply the base, the textural qualities of slate can be achieved and when utilizing the brush for the finish will bestow a smoky grey hue representative of this beautiful stone. Ardesia is available in a variety of color qualities; ranging from pearl to shiny metallic to create the desired finish. Ardesia is a durable finish that allows water vapor to penetrate it surface and can simple to clean.

Ardesia: the imitation essence of real stone

The physical properties of slate, as it occurs in nature, include the ability to be manipulated without difficulty, low heat conductivity and water impermeability. The use of this extraordinarily distinctive material has been dated back to ancient Rome. Obviously, it has not lost importance as it is still a vital stone employed in modern architecture around the world.

Modern interior design products

Slate has been utilized historically due to its innate physical properties and impressive industrial implementation in regards to its unique surface and color traits. This natural stone possesses a visually pleasing and appeals to a wide variety of personalities and design styles to create a sophisticated atmosphere for both commercial and residential edifices.

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