Aureum Finish is a Low Environmental Impact finish, with a lime putty and gold powder base. Innovative and classy, it gives walls an impeccable golden effect and is available in eight different colours.

Gold on your walls
Aureum is offered in eight colour tones, inspired by Greek mythology: Midas, Gea, Melia, Arcadia, Rea, Zeus, Aris and Talia.

Aureum is a lime putty and gold powder based finish. The exclusive golden effect is obtained by applying the product with the special stainless steel knife onto a perfectly smooth surface: a first coat is put on with wide spatula strokes to completely cover the base, and a finish is obtained by applying a light layer of the product to partially cover the wide strokes and smoothing the surface to remove the excess product. With specific technical application processes you can accentuate the golden refl ections of the surface.

Vibrant surfaces and trendy designs
The choice of using golden effects to give a stunning, luxurious personality to indoor surfaces is frequent in Baroque-inspired interior design. At the same time, it is also being adopted, in various ways and to varying extents, by designers and interior decorators following different style trends, who decide to create exciting surroundings, to enhance furnishings with vibrant wall backgrounds, and to offer fascinating contrasts by combining luxurious finishes with industrial or “poor” materials.

Aureum enables you to create classy, vibrant, stunning atmospheres with a high quality, breathable and Low Environmental Impact finish. Its elegant golden effect, available in various colourways, is versatile and can satisfy a large number of requirements and lots of different tastes.

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Aureum Finish

Aureum Finish

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