Encanto Finish produces a blended decoration, enriched by chromatic accents in gold, silver and grey. The product creates a charming veil on walls that are brought to life by the stunning effects of light playing over the surface.

A simple decoration for sophisticated effects
Encanto creates magical surfaces with great ease: a single application produces an elegant and innovative effect, suitable for any kind of interior space. A wide range of base colours can be matched with three different reflections: Gold, for warm and inviting settings, Silver, for elegant and formal environments, Grey, give a contemporary feel to any interior.

Encanto Gold for spaces with a comfortable feel
Encanto Gold, a decoration characterized by its warm and soothing reflections, creates a sense of comfort that envelopes the spaces in which it is used. Even on large surfaces this finish gives a warm, inviting feel. Its fast and simple application make it an effective solution for all types of interiors, both in terms of the extensive surfaces found in large projects as well as on more intricate and intimate surfaces whether in residential or commercial environments.

A visual effect, once reserved for the few, with Encanto is now within reach of everyone: the craftsmanship of ancient decorators is reinterpreted through modern technologies, to offer a simple and effective solution, which can be applied to many different interior spaces.

Encanto Silver and Grey for high-tech spaces
Encanto Silver and Grey: two unique decorations that can be used to characterize modern and lineal spaces, designed using cold materials such as glass, steel, and aluminium. Their distinct reflections combined with the materials basic colors, make these two solutions perfectly suited for high-tech environments, fully highlighting the character of contemporary architectural spaces.

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Encanto Finish

Encanto Finish

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