Illusion of fabric on walls

Fil Posé is a design option utilized for applying a coating to various surfaces to create the illusion of a fabric layer: a novel advancement in replicating the visual appeal of woven tapestries dating from ancient to contemporary times. Fil Posé is the final outcome from applying a white layer coating, available in a selection of stylish finishes.

Fabric finishes in various light reflections

Fil Posé has created a sophisticated fabric weave that can be enhanced with the aid of various stylistic paints that ultimately transform the appearance which may vary from a robust metallic when using Imperium, or soft, subtle tones with Pallas, to Multidecor’s pearlescent effects. By combining these materials, modern elegance can be added to interior design by bringing these beloved fabrics back to life.

Matt fabric surfaces

The capacity to alter texture is a characteristic trait of Fil Posé to endow a charismatic spirit to any décor, while the incorporation of the brilliant weave further improves the tonal light and color qualities that can be achieved through mixing. A popular matt finish is possible with Duca di Venezia, which is reminiscent of antiquity, given its sophisticated fabric-like appearance.

Modern interior design implementation of fabric décor

Fil Posé is a top quality, innovative material that denotes the highly sought-after radiant mother-of-pearl effect, which is immensely suitable for upscale modern structures, including: fancy hotels, contemporary interiors, and numerous other posh social establishments. The incredible cool and delicate color variations effectively produce truly distinctive aesthetic beauty through the utilization of this unique finish.

An adaptable design option

Posé is an extremely adaptable design opportunity due to its special physical attributes that allow a thinner or thicker layering effect, depending on specific visual preferences to have a grander or less noticeable presence. Thick coating applications can unify the uneven, considerably reducing costs, as well as, time spent on labor.

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Fil Posé Kreos

Fil Posé Kreos

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