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17 > 20 September

Earls Court Stand L 160

Oikos Space
B&B Italia Store

250 Brompton Rd, London SW3 2AS

London is the venue of the latest event, where Oikos as a continuation of the celebrations of its 30th anniversary, will present itself in one of the most important showcases for the International design community, with its sustainable colour and materials.

Expression of creative design, highly suggestive and that transforms spaces using products with an extremely low environmental impact, the result of a production process that respects the highest ecological standards, guaranteeing the health and well-being of those who live in such spaces.

tailor made product, created and perfected according to specific design requirements, a personalised material even if originating from an industrial environment, with the characteristics, the reliability and the ability to maintain a level of durability and efficiency typical of a product produced in a large scale. A presence, that of Oikos in London, that epitomises its work method: intense research into aesthetics and techniques in order to guarantee the highest levels of performance and versatility, adapted according to each specific, individual requirement to then be inserted into the design process.

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