Raffaello Madreperlato is a decorative material based on slaked lime, which enriches the Venetian stucco finish with mother-of-pearl reflections which grant a sense of precious modernity to a classical and stylish material. Natural, transpiring, with low environmental impact, it is a product friendly to both man.

Unique reflections for lime-based decorations
Venetian stucco is a top-level decorative finish, symbol of the Italian architectural culture, one of the most sophisticated of all time: thanks to Raffaello Madreperlato stucco can now revive for modern interpretations. This finish can be applied to many lime-based OIKOS products, such as Raffaello Decorstucco, Coccio Design, Coccio Antico or Marmorino Naturale.

A natural and artisanal material for sustainable decorations
Raffaello Madreperlato is based on lime, a natural and ecologic product which does not alter the nature of supports where it is applied. It guarantees the perfect transpiration and a high hygienic level, preventing the formation of molds and bacteria, thus increasing the overall quality of spaces where it is applied. Thanks to these features, it allows the creation of decorations for interiors in classic style, endowing them with a sense of richness and elegance.

Magic colors and mother-of-pearl reflections
Raffaello Madreperlato is a finish which makes space for creativity: it can be used to give a new character to sober colours, endowing them with mother-of-pearl or golden reflections on dark grounds, to engender new decorative effects which visually warm the interiors. Thanks to this possibility it reveals itself the ideal product to create marvellous and ever-new interiors, with chromatic solutions which go well beyond the available colour range. Furthermore, it is a product which can be easily coupled with other of the OIKOS lime line, thus creating multiple decorative possibilities, fully exploiting the decorators’ skills and the inventions of talented designers.

The special aesthetics of mother-of-pearl reflections
The mother-of-pearl reflections produced by Raffaello Madreperlato represent an element of great elegance and originality, with the possibility of obtaining golden effects, suitable to highlight warm colours, or metallic reflections, particularly indicated for cold hues. Thanks to the infinite possibility of coupling base colors and reflections, it is possible to obtain original chromatic effects, underscored by natural or artificial light.

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Raffaello Madreperlato

Raffaello Madreperlato

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