Travertino Romano is a dense wall covering. This unique design option consists of marble dust as a component, available in nine color variants representative of travertine marble, simulating its unique characteristics and visual appeal. The color choices are as follows: Acquabianca, Anticato, Avana, Biancospino, Dorato, Striato, Tivoli, and White.

Travertino Romano’s base is a mixture of marble powders, aged lime putty and sand. It is an excellent choice in materials due to its environmentally conscious constituents and allows water vapor to penetrate its surface, reducing the ability for mold to grow. Following thorough study methods, Travertino Romano was developed to have the capability to be applied to an unlimited variety of wall surfaces by utilizing a spatula and applying the material by hand with the advanced skill of an knowledgeable artisan worker to replicate the visual appearance of travertine marble.

The classic allure of travertine marble

Travertine marble has the characteristic traits of a porous surface and is inherently variable in its color options extending from traditional white to hazelnut. This special stone is renowned for its architectural application dating back to antiquity. This marvel continues to be utilized today for its naturally charming attributes and resilient practicality.

Traditional renovations and modern interior design

With appreciation of Travertine Romano’s physical properties and its exceptional capability to imitate the visual effects and surface similarities of natural stone, it is a fashionable material choice in renovating the exterior of classic architectural structures. For interior design, Travertino Romano is ideal for lending a unique sophistication and class due to its ability to compliment and blend with many types of settings.

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Travertino Romano

Travertino Romano

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